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Handmade Gold Coin Dima Chain with Turquoise Drop

148,800 EGP
A bespoke creation exuding confidence through craftsmanship with elegance. Handmade gold coins delicately unite in a chain, culminating in a captivating turquoise drop. Adorn yourself…

Scarab drop necklace

88,950 EGP
Dima Jewellery presents the Scarab Drop Necklace, a captivating piece adorned with a turquoise carved scarab, inspired by ancient Egyptian symbolism. Enhanced with colorful beads…

Amethyst and turquoise charm necklace

81,300 EGP
This necklace showcases our 18k gold hand-hammered signature coins, adorned with turquoise pavé charms in the shape of a hamsa hand and a star. Each…

Carved Buddha Drop Necklace

70,500 EGP
A fusion of spiritual symbolism and exquisite gemstones. At its heart, the necklace features a centered Buddha carved on jade, radiating tranquility, balance, harmony and…

Blue Topaz & Diamond Drop Necklace

125,650 EGP
This necklace is a radiant showcase of gemstone brilliance. The soothing Blue Topaz, associated with clarity and emotional balance, is paired with the timeless elegance…

Carnelian and Ruby Drop Necklace

48,300 EGP
A delicate masterpiece that intertwines the rich hues of carnelians, the red fiery elegance of rubies, and the timeless allure of hand-hammered 18k gold coins.…

Carved Calligraphy Black Jade Pendant

108,000 EGP
18k gold link chain and garnet engraving pendant adorned with paved diamonds…

Carved Jade, Emerald & Ruby Diamond Statement Earrings

91,200 EGP
A masterful creation by Dima Jewellery, showcasing carved jade adorned with marquise-cut rubies and emerald stones, paved with diamonds. Immerse yourself in the allure of…

Chrysoprase & Ruby Open Bangle

60,000 EGP
Chrysoprase, known for its soothing energy, complements the passionate allure of the ruby stone, creating a captivating union of colors. Adorn your wrist with this…

Chrysoprase double stone bangle with diamond pavé

73,325 EGP
This open bracelet, in 18k hand-hammered gold, showcases two adjacent chrysoprase gemstones, each adorned with a sparkling diamond pavé. Chrysoprase, celebrated for its calming energy,…