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Allah Intarsia

3,344 $
The pendant, shaped in the form of the Holy Quran, is adorned with a mesmerizing intarsia stone, and the name of Allah in diamonds. Intarsia,…

Allah Diamond Necklace

2,084 $
Wear the name of Almight Allah close to your heart. This necklace showcases the name of the Almighty Allah, paved with diamonds and surrounded by…

Asymmetrical Mismatched Gold Earring

2,966 $
18k Hand-hammered gold coins dangle gracefully from these hoops, making a bold yet timeless statement. Discover the epitome of sophistication and luxury with Dima's exquisite…

Carved diamond eye gold ring

1,474 $
A timeless 18k Gold Ring with a captivating carved diamond center eye. This piece embodies an artistic fusion of elegance and mystique. The eye, meticulously…

Classic charm necklace

1,858 $
Adorned with Dima's signature 18k hammered coins, ruby and turquoise beads, and featuring diamonds alongside turquoise pavé hamsa hand and horseshoe charms. The hamsa hand…

Dima Chain

7,985 $
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chain's length is 2 meters long, and can be styled into multiple layers of 18k hand-hammered gold discs,…

Dima Eye Diamond Necklace

7,249 $
This best selling, statement piece showcases a bold eye adorned with meticulously paved diamonds, exuding timeless elegance. Dangling diamond charms add a playful touch, creating…

Dima’s classic diamond eye necklace

3,550 $
This best selling, statement piece showcases a bold eye adorned with meticulously paved diamonds, rubies, turquoise, and 18k hand hammered coins. The dangling diamond charms…

Golden Cascade Hoop Earrings

3,650 $
This unique and loved piece pays tribute to the traditional culture of rural Egypt. With deep respect and admiration, this piece echoes the cultural richness…

Hammered coin necklace

3,650 $
A captivating expression of timeless elegance. This necklace features meticulously crafted gold coins clustered together, forming a symphony of texture and shine. Each coin tells…

Hand Brushed 18k gold chandelier earrings

7,757 $
An exquisite dance of gold and craftsmanship. Starting with an 18k hand-hammered gold ball at the ear, the design features inverted crescents, each meticulously crafted…

Hand Brushed Gold Earrings

8,670 $
Dima Jewellery's Hand Brushed Gold Earrings offer a modern twist on elegance. Featuring an alluring circle formed by irregularly assorted gold balls, these earrings redefine…