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Black Jade Crocodile Ring

91,450 $
This one-of-a-kind ring features a meticulously hand-carved jade crocodile adorned with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds set in opulent 18k gold. Every curve of this masterpiece…

Carved Calligraphy Black Jade Pendant

108,000 $
18k gold link chain and garnet engraving pendant adorned with paved diamonds…

Carved Jade Flower Earrings

305,000 $
Crafted with meticulous artistry, these earrings boast a unique design that merges the beauty of white jade with the timeless appeal of a flower, showcasing…

Carved Jade, Emerald & Ruby Diamond Statement Earrings

91,200 $
A masterful creation by Dima Jewellery, showcasing carved jade adorned with marquise-cut rubies and emerald stones, paved with diamonds. Immerse yourself in the allure of…

Rare Ruby, Jade and Blue Sapphire Earrings

214,900 $
A pear-cut sapphire, embellished with scattered diamonds, leads to an eye-shaped jade stone, culminating in an inverted pear-cut ruby adorned with diamonds. This asymmetrical design…

Snake Carved Black Jade Ruby & Diamond Drop Earrings

235,200 $
Indulge in Exotic Luxury with Dima's Carved Black Jade Snake Earrings. These captivating earrings are a unique blend of opulence and symbolism, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship.…