About DIMA

Design philosophy
Dima’s design philosophy incorporates organic and geometric shapes, creating an aesthetic equilibrium. Inspired by a city bursting with energy and vigour, Dima’s pieces draw the eye. The designs follow an abstract criteria maintaining a balanced and playful energy, while still showing due respect to the precious materials used.
Dima Rashid; Palestinian roots, born in Kuwait, raised in Canada and finally settled in Egypt, Dima’s story is weaved into her beautifully handcrafted work. Her jewellery touches upon both her exposure to various cultures and her life in Egypt by drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours and rhythms of this ancient land’s history. By infusing the old with the new since 2003, Dima has become a master of melding both the ancient and modern worlds.
A masterful craftsmanship

Dima’s designs are powerful, rebellious and unconventional. Her jewellery has come to represent masterful craftsmanship and profoundly distinct originality. Balancing the past with present, tradition with innovation, experimentation and audacity, the brand speaks for itself.

Dima’s personal selection of stones and creation process positions the brand at the forefront of craftsmanship and quality, spanning the previous two decades of inherently unique luxury