DIMA RASHID – A True International Jewellery Designer

Originally born in Kuwait, growing up and educated in Canada, setting with her family in Egypt, Dima’s story can be touched in her beautifully handcrafted work. Dima’s jewellery reflects her journey and settlement in Egypt, Taking stock of the country’s embedded artisan ship, fantastical colors and rhythms to the alluring history and art of the ancient land. Dima truly is a master of fusing the ancient and modern worlds.

Form her studio in Cairo, Dima’s jewellery is created with luminous soft colored stones, vibrant high quality gems, luxurious pearls, illuminating diamonds and 18-karat battered gold. Each design is exotic and beautiful; ranging from simple, single stone pendants using symbols of eternal faith to draping necklaces, arm layers of stacked bangles, rings and Dima’s iconic enchanting chandelier earrings.

Dima’s magical designs come alive with her own reverence to use the highest level of gemstones, diamonds and gold. Her passion for ethically sourced stones and work guarantee that both the quality and source of each piece of jewellery is produced with love and respect.

Her sophisticated designs and precious symbolism has allured Dima’s jewellery to be worn by celebrities and fashion stars. Such famous faces include Vanessa Williams, Eva Mendes, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and Victoria Beckham covet her feminine designs.