Hand Hammered Gold


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Eye of Horus with Ruby Drop Chain Necklace

153,000 EGP
A talisman, embodying ancient Egyptian mysticism and protection. The intricately detailed Eye of Horus, a symbol of healing, intuition, and divine insight, takes center stage.…

Handmade gold coin Dima chain with turquoise drop

206,400 EGP
A bespoke creation exuding confidence through craftsmanship with elegance. Handmade gold coins delicately unite in a chain, culminating in a captivating turquoise drop. Adorn yourself…

Asymmetrical Mismatched Gold Earring

91,650 EGP
18k Hand-hammered gold coins dangle gracefully from these hoops, making a bold yet timeless statement. Discover the epitome of sophistication and luxury with Dima's exquisite…

Amethyst Gold Coins Bracelet

41,950 EGP
This exquisite piece is more than just a bracelet; it's a testament to refined craftsmanship and the allure of amethyst. Amethyst is renowned for its…

Carved Calligraphy Black Jade Pendant

80,600 EGP
18k gold link chain and garnet engraving pendant adorned with paved diamonds …

Carved diamond eye gold ring

45,550 EGP
A timeless 18k Gold Ring with a captivating carved diamond center eye. This piece embodies an artistic fusion of elegance and mystique. The eye, meticulously…

Classic hand hammered gold coin necklace

39,100 EGP
This necklace showcases a cascade of Dima's signature hand-hammered coins. With a focus on simplicity, this piece becomes a celebration of the pure beauty found…

Dima Chain

246,750 EGP
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chain's length is 2 meters long, and can be styled into multiple layers of 18k hand-hammered gold discs,…