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Opal Initial Studs

38,400 $
These exquisite studs feature a delicate opal, with your chosen initials's shape droppink in 18k gold shape. Opals, known for their mesmerizing play of colors,…

Pink Sapphire Drop Necklace

40,350 $
The pink sapphire drops, symbolizing love and passion, gracefully hang creating statement. This necklace is a celebration of femininity and sophistication, perfect for adding a…

Ruby Beaded Necklace with a Turquoise Paved Hamsa

30,000 $
The rich red hues of rubies symbolize passion, while the turquoise Hamsa Hand charm adds a touch of protection and positive energy. Wear this necklace…

Star Charm Necklace

39,975 $
Dima Jewellery presents a luxurious 18k gold Hand-Hammered Coins Necklace, adorned with a turquoise pavé star charm. This captivating piece merges artisanal craftsmanship with celestial…