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Handmade gold coin Dima chain with turquoise drop

206,400 EGP
A bespoke creation exuding confidence through craftsmanship with elegance. Handmade gold coins delicately unite in a chain, culminating in a captivating turquoise drop. Adorn yourself…

Carved turquoise scarab & diamond single earrings

117,500 EGP
A captivating piece adorned with a turquoise carved scarab paved with diamond, dangling from a piamoned paved hoop. This hoop earring is a harmonious blend…

Carved Calligraphy Black Jade Pendant

80,600 EGP
18k gold link chain and garnet engraving pendant adorned with paved diamonds …

Carved Jade Flower Earrings

305,000 EGP
Crafted with meticulous artistry, these earrings boast a unique design that merges the beauty of white jade with the timeless appeal of a flower, showcasing…

Carved Jade Sapphire earrings

282,150 EGP
Dima Jewellery unveils an extraordinary creation from our One of a Kind collection, earrings that tell a story of elegance and rarity. A pink sapphire,…

Carved Turquoise with Emerald & Ruby Mismatched Earrings

157,000 EGP
A captivating fusion of gemstones and artistry. One side features a brilliant emerald crowned with diamonds, leading to a gracefully carved turquoise canvas. On the…

Hand carved green turquoise frog ring

46,150 EGP
A whimsical masterpiece that blends nature's charm with luxury. The ring features a meticulously carved green turquoise frog, symbolizing transformation and good luck, adorned with…

Hand carved yellow jade fox head ring

131,500 EGP
This extraordinary ring is the epitome of Dima Jewellery's sophisticated craftsmanship and individuality. It features a meticulously carved yellow jade fox head, a symbol of…

Rare Carved Jade Earrings

290,500 EGP
A distinguished piece of our One-of-a-Kind Collection. Immerse yourself in the rarity and uniqueness of these earrings, where the artistry of carved jade meets the…