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Green & Blue Topaz heart-shaped necklace

87,500 $
Crafted in Dima jewellery's signature hand hammered 18k gold, this necklace features an assortment of heart-shaped blue and green topaz stones, artfully arranged to celebrate…

Green & Blue Topaz with Diamond drop earrings

223,000 $
Crafted in Dima Jewellery's signature hand hammered 18k gold, these earrings feature pear-cut topaz stones transitioning gracefully from green to blue in a vertical cascade.…

Heart shaped Mix Gemstones necklace

68,900 $
A radiant expression of love, offering an exquisite pop of color with every glance. Crafted with vibrant blue topaz, passionate ruby, and refreshing green topaz,…

Multi gem drop necklace

109,150 $
This enchanting necklace boasts the artistry of Dima Jewellery, with a breathtaking cascade of colors, featuring an exquisite blend of SAPPHIRE, CARNELIAN, CHRYSOPRASE, APPETITE, TOPAZ,…