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Emerald Heart-Cut Marquis Diamond Ring

98,400 $
This stunning ring showcases a heart-cut emerald, wrapped around hand hammered 18k gold and adorned with marquise diamonds; a radiant symbol of enduring promises. …

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Gold Double Finger Ring

141,600 $
Delicately crafted with intertwining olive tree leaves adorned with gold and diamond accents, this unique ring wraps around your fingers, embodying the enduring beauty and…

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Ring

86,400 $
A tribute to the enduring commitment and profound love for our founder Dima Rashid's cherished homeland, Palestine. With every glance at this ring, you are…

Double Stone Tourmaline and Peridot Ring

42,000 $
A captivating pink tourmaline embraced by the freshness of peridot, adorned with diamonds, create a symphony of color and sparkle. The pink tourmaline symbolizes love…

Hand Carved Green Turquoise Frog Ring

46,150 $
A whimsical masterpiece that blends nature's charm with luxury. The ring features a meticulously carved green turquoise frog, symbolizing transformation and good luck, adorned with…

Hand Carved Yellow Jade Fox Head Ring

88,800 $
This extraordinary ring is the epitome of Dima Jewellery's sophisticated craftsmanship and individuality. It features a meticulously carved yellow jade fox head, a symbol of…

Ruby Diamond Baguette Ring

116,400 $
Dima Jewellery's Ruby Diamond Baguette Ringis a captivating narrative of passion and elegance. Handcrafted with meticulous precision, the bangle features vibrant ruby and diamond baguettes.…