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Emerald Heart-Cut Marquis Diamond Ring

98,400 EGP
This stunning ring showcases a heart-cut emerald, wrapped around hand hammered 18k gold and adorned with marquise diamonds; a radiant symbol of enduring promises. …

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Gold Double Finger Ring

141,600 EGP
Delicately crafted with intertwining olive tree leaves adorned with gold and diamond accents, this unique ring wraps around your fingers, embodying the enduring beauty and…

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Ring

86,400 EGP
A tribute to the enduring commitment and profound love for our founder Dima Rashid's cherished homeland, Palestine. With every glance at this ring, you are…

Black Jade Crocodile Ring

91,450 EGP
This one-of-a-kind ring features a meticulously hand-carved jade crocodile adorned with rubies, diamonds, and emeralds set in opulent 18k gold. Every curve of this masterpiece…

Carved Diamond Eye Gold Ring

33,120 EGP
A timeless 18k Gold Ring with a captivating carved diamond center eye. This piece embodies an artistic fusion of elegance and mystique. The eye, meticulously…

Citrine drop diamond ring

88,400 EGP
For those seeking warmth and sophistication. The centerpiece, a lustrous citrine drop, is gracefully embraced by sparkling diamonds. Citrine, known for its vibrant energy and…

Citrine Drop Ring

24,300 EGP
Featuring a captivating citrine drop, exuding vibrant energy and elegance, and known for its vibrant energy and sunlit allure. …

Double citrine twist ring

58,350 EGP
This ring features two adjacent citrine stones, symbolizing balance and abundance, adorned with a pavé of diamonds for added brilliance. Citrine, known for its sunlit…

Double pear chrysoprase ring

24,150 EGP
This ring features two pear-shaped chrysoprase gemstones, renowned for their calming energy and vibrant green hues. The symmetrical design enhances the natural allure of chrysoprase,…

Double stone emerald and white topaz ring

62,800 EGP
Featuring an ethereal emerald paved with diamonds and a sparkling white topaz. The emerald is a symbol of rebirth and harmony. …

Double Stone Tourmaline and Peridot Ring

42,000 EGP
A captivating pink tourmaline embraced by the freshness of peridot, adorned with diamonds, create a symphony of color and sparkle. The pink tourmaline symbolizes love…

Flourite Dome Ring

94,800 EGP
Crafted in 18k gold, this dome ring is adorned with enchanting fluorite and rubies. The rounded design symbolizes completeness, while the combination of fluorite's soothing…