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Intarsia Locket Chain

176,250 EGP
The locket, shaped in the form of the Holy Quran, is adorned with a mesmerizing intarsia stone. Intarsia, a technique that artfully integrates diferent gemstones,…

Irregular Gold Ball Bangle

155,100 EGP
Crafted from radiant 18k gold, this bangle showcases irregularly sized gold balls emerging in distinctive patterns. The asymmetry of the design creates a captivating visual…

Jade Buddha drop necklace with hand hammered coins

66,300 EGP
A fusion of spiritual symbolism and exquisite gemstones and 18k hand-hammered gold. At its heart, the necklace features a centered Buddha carved on jade, radiating…

Large falahi earrings

176,250 EGP
This unique and most demanded piece pays tribute to the traditional culture of rural Egypt. Inspired by the resilient spirit of the Egyptian peasant woman,…

Marquis and Baguette Diamond Bangle

291,300 EGP
"Dima Jewellery's 'Dream of Gold' Marquis and Baguette Diamond Bangle: a tribute to timeless Middle Eastern beauty. This 18kt gold masterpiece, shaped like an eye,…