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Kerdan Drop Necklace

197,400 $
The Timeless Dima Kerdan is transformed into a modernised design, inspired by the Teardrop motif. …


Handmade Gold Coin Dima Chain with Turquoise Drop

148,800 $
A bespoke creation exuding confidence through craftsmanship with elegance. Handmade gold coins delicately unite in a chain, culminating in a captivating turquoise drop. Adorn yourself…

Golden Pebbles Tassel Earrings

317,250 $
Designed to redefine sophistication with a contemporary edge. These earrings elegantly present adjacent irregular gold shapes, hand-hammered to perfection. The tassel design accentuate the modern…

Golden Pebbles Hoop Diamond Earrings

235,200 $
Explore the allure of 'Golden Pebbles' Diamond Hoop Earrings by Dima – an artistic marvel uniting meticulously crafted gold pebbles adorned with diamonds. Indulge in…

Large Falahi Earrings

168,000 $
This unique and most demanded piece pays tribute to the traditional culture of rural Egypt. Inspired by the resilient spirit of the Egyptian peasant woman,…

Sapphire Spectrum

This statement piece is a celebration of the spectrum of emotions and experiences that define our lives. With the visual symphony of colors, the necklace…