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Ruby Heart Diamond Studs

47,520 $
These delicate studs showcase a captivating ruby heart-cut stone, adorned with striking baguette-cut diamonds. Ruby, the stone of passion and courage, is beautifully embodied in…

Sapphire Heart Diamond Studs

49,200 $
These delicate studs showcase captivating sapphire heart-cut gems, adorned with striking baguette-cut diamonds.. Sapphire, the stone of wisdom and royalty, is beautifully embodied in this…

Single pearl stud earring with dangling diamond baguettes

56,950 $
Dima Jewellery introduces a charming minimal stud: the Pear Shaped Diamond Adorned Earring in 18k gold, featuring three dangling diamond baguettes. This piece is designed…

Small hoop earrings with diamond pavé

46,650 $
A timeless and versatile addition to your collection. These delicate hoops, crafted in 18k gold, exude understated elegance and sparkle. …