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Emerald Wire Ring

9,600 EGP
This distinctive and youthful piece features a heart-cut emerald. Effortlessly glamorous, this ring is perfect for stacking with other jewelry to add a vibrant touch…

Flourite Dome Ring

94,800 EGP
Crafted in 18k gold, this dome ring is adorned with enchanting fluorite and rubies. The rounded design symbolizes completeness, while the combination of fluorite's soothing…

Gold Diamond Dome Ring

262,500 EGP
The rounded design symbolizes unity and completeness, while the scattered diamonds add a touch of brilliance, creating a harmonious blend of 18k gold boldness and…

Hamsa Hand Ring

23,800 EGP
A timeless 18k Gold Ring with a captivating carved diamond hamsa hand. This piece embodies an artistic fusion of elegance and mystique. The Hamsa hand…

Hand Carved Green Turquoise Frog Ring

46,150 EGP
A whimsical masterpiece that blends nature's charm with luxury. The ring features a meticulously carved green turquoise frog, symbolizing transformation and good luck, adorned with…

Hand Carved Yellow Jade Fox Head Ring

88,800 EGP
This extraordinary ring is the epitome of Dima Jewellery's sophisticated craftsmanship and individuality. It features a meticulously carved yellow jade fox head, a symbol of…

Hand hammered gold ball ring

63,850 EGP
A refined expression of simplicity and luxury. This unique ring features a hand-hammered gold band with a centered ball adorned in diamonds, creating a harmonious…

Heart shaped open ring in Blue Topaz and Blue Sapphire adorned in Diamonds.

133,000 EGP
This heart-shaped ring is curated for those seeking style and meaning. It features an enchanting fusion of soothing Blue Topaz and serene Blue Sapphire hearts,…

heart-shaped blue Topaz open ring

58,600 EGP
A captivating blend of timeless allure and vibrancy. Crafted in our signature 18ct gold, this exquisite piece features Blue Topaz, symbolizing joy and spiritual rejuvenation.…

Heart-shaped Peridot open ring

50,900 EGP
Crafted with affection in our signature 18k gold, this piece features the enchanting Peridot, known as 'the gem of the sun.' Originating from St. John’s…