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Blue Topaz & Diamond Drop Necklace

125,650 EGP
This necklace is a radiant showcase of gemstone brilliance. The soothing Blue Topaz, associated with clarity and emotional balance, is paired with the timeless elegance…

Double layered heart-shaped blue Topaz & Diamond drops necklace

106,950 EGP
Crafted in Dima jewellery's signature hand hammered 18k gold, this unique layered necklace features heart-cut blue topaz gems, elegantly adorned with diamond drops. As part…

Double stone emerald and white topaz ring

62,800 EGP
Featuring an ethereal emerald paved with diamonds and a sparkling white topaz. The emerald is a symbol of rebirth and harmony. …


116,250 EGP
Sapphires are the gemstones of love, romance, and fidelity. No wonder the most famous engagement ring in the world is a sapphire! (Belonging to Princess…

Green & Blue Topaz heart-shaped necklace

87,500 EGP
Crafted in Dima jewellery's signature hand hammered 18k gold, this necklace features an assortment of heart-shaped blue and green topaz stones, artfully arranged to celebrate…

Green & Blue Topaz with Diamond drop earrings

223,000 EGP
Crafted in Dima Jewellery's signature hand hammered 18k gold, these earrings feature pear-cut topaz stones transitioning gracefully from green to blue in a vertical cascade.…

Heart shaped Blue Topaz & Diamonds pendant

78,390 EGP
Indulge in the ethereal beauty of Dima Jewellery's Heart-Shaped Blue Topaz & Diamonds Pendant. The enchanting blue topaz heart, adorned with a delicate diamond cupid's…

Heart shaped Mix Gemstones necklace

68,900 EGP
A radiant expression of love, offering an exquisite pop of color with every glance. Crafted with vibrant blue topaz, passionate ruby, and refreshing green topaz,…

Heart shaped open ring in Blue Topaz and Blue Sapphire adorned in Diamonds.

133,000 EGP
This heart-shaped ring is curated for those seeking style and meaning. It features an enchanting fusion of soothing Blue Topaz and serene Blue Sapphire hearts,…

Heart shaped Peridot, Green Topaz & Diamond drops two layered necklace

117,990 EGP
This piece features the peridot stone, renowned for its stunning green hues, is considered one of the world’s oldest gems, with origins dating back to…

heart-shaped blue Topaz open ring

58,600 EGP
A captivating blend of timeless allure and vibrancy. Crafted in our signature 18ct gold, this exquisite piece features Blue Topaz, symbolizing joy and spiritual rejuvenation.…