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Scarab drop necklace

88,950 $
Dima Jewellery presents the Scarab Drop Necklace, a captivating piece adorned with a turquoise carved scarab, inspired by ancient Egyptian symbolism. Enhanced with colorful beads…

Garden of Eden

148,800 $
Where iridescent tones intertwine, this necklace creates a mesmerizing fusion of Tourmaline Watermelon and Opal, reminiscent of a lush paradise. …

Garden of Gethsemane

153,600 $
The Garden of Gethsemane, located in the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, holds immense historical significance and a serene atmosphere. Captivating with…

Opal & Blue Topaz Diamond Mismatched Earrings

80,400 $
Dance in the enchanting hues of our Opal & Blue Topaz Diamond Mismatched Dangling Earrings. Unleash a symphony of colors as opal and blue topaz…

Opal and chrysoprase bangle

101,400 $
Featuring a radiant opal adorned with diamonds and vibrant chrysoprase, all set in a dazzling diamond pavé. Opal, known for its iridescent play of colors,…

Opal Initial Studs

38,400 $
These exquisite studs feature a delicate opal, with your chosen initials's shape droppink in 18k gold shape. Opals, known for their mesmerizing play of colors,…

Rare opal gem intarsia ring in 18k gold

63,900 $
A true marvel of craftsmanship. The ring stands as a testament to the artistry of intarsia, where each unique piece of opal is meticulously crafted…