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Emerald Heart-Cut Marquis Diamond Ring

98,400 $
This stunning ring showcases a heart-cut emerald, wrapped around hand hammered 18k gold and adorned with marquise diamonds; a radiant symbol of enduring promises. …

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Bracelet

151,200 $
The emerald, representing the depth of love, is embraced by the symbolic olive tree leaves—an emblem of promises made to homeland.…

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Gold Double Finger Ring

141,600 $
Delicately crafted with intertwining olive tree leaves adorned with gold and diamond accents, this unique ring wraps around your fingers, embodying the enduring beauty and…

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Leaves Stud Earrings

60,000 $
Symbolizing promises made to oneself, these earrings serve as a reminder to cherish your journey of self-discovery. The emerald represents the deep commitment to nurture…

Emerald Heart-Cut Olive Tree Wings Necklace

66,720 $
A symbol of determination, resilience, and the power of unity, inspired by the Palestinian people. Emerging gracefully from each side of the emerald heart are…

Right of Return Key

36,425 $
100% of the profits from this piece go to supporting Palestinian students in Egypt and distributing aid inside Gaza.…