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Chrysoprase & Ruby open bangle

84,850 EGP
Chrysoprase, known for its soothing energy, complements the passionate allure of the ruby stone, creating a captivating union of colors. Adorn your wrist with this…

Chrysoprase double stone bangle with diamond pavé

73,325 EGP
This open bracelet, in 18k hand-hammered gold, showcases two adjacent chrysoprase gemstones, each adorned with a sparkling diamond pavé. Chrysoprase, celebrated for its calming energy,…

Chrysoprase drop necklace with hammered gold coins

167,775 EGP
Centered around a captivating chrysoprase drop, surrounded by a diamond pavé, this 18k gold necklace features graduating hand-hammered gold coins. Chrysoprase, known for its calming…

Chrysoprase gold chain bracelet

68,650 EGP
This bracelet features a centered chrysoprase cabochon, embraced by a delicate chain adorned with gold balls and diamond pavé. The soothing energy of chrysoprase harmonizes…

Colourful Dima drop necklace

83,300 EGP
This charming triple-layered necklace in 18k gold features drops of chrysoprase and lapis lazuli, adorned with ruby beads for a captivating burst of color. Chrysoprase…

Hand hammered coin and chrysoprase chandelier earring

112,990 EGP
A harmonious blend of gold craftsmanship and vibrant chrysoprase allure. Three centered gold coins, accompanied by chrysoprase beads. The three chrysoprase beads on each side…

Multi gem drop necklace

109,150 EGP
This enchanting necklace boasts the artistry of Dima Jewellery, with a breathtaking cascade of colors, featuring an exquisite blend of SAPPHIRE, CARNELIAN, CHRYSOPRASE, APPETITE, TOPAZ,…

Opal and chrysoprase bangle

101,400 EGP
Featuring a radiant opal adorned with diamonds and vibrant chrysoprase, all set in a dazzling diamond pavé. Opal, known for its iridescent play of colors,…